Who To Turn To If You Need A Serviced Office Space

Published: 14th February 2011
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Search Office Space (SOS) is a commercial real estate brokerage that specializes in the provision of serviced offices for businesses all over the world.

The company conducts daily operations from facilities in New York, Manchester, London, and Auckland. Search Office Space has relationships with over 7000 business centres worldwide.Experts consider this brokerage to be the first to focus on serviced office space. Serviced offices are usually professionally managed and may include furniture, equipment, and additional features to support business activities.


Richard Smith formed Search Office Space in 1993.

The company began operations in its first office at 9 Duke Street in the Marylebone area of London. Mastex Textiles became the brokerage's first client after moving into serviced suites at 1 Northumberland Avenue near Trafalgar Square.After acquiring more clients, Search Office Space expanded operations by opening an office in the Manhattan borough of New York City. This facility continues to serve as the company's headquarters in the United States. Search Office Space is the only serviced office broker to conduct operations from a facility in New York City.With the passage of time, more headquarters were established in several countries. In addition to these facilities, Search Office Space has representatives in locations like Chicago, California, and Hong Kong.

Search Office Space has grown to employ 30 people.The company serves as an advocate on behalf of businesses that need to rent offices to support commercial activity. By retaining relationships with numerous companies that manage commercial office space, SOS creates a competitive environment for clients.When several providers compete to meet the real estate needs of various businesses, a downward price trend occurs.

Search Office Space now connects businesses with the entire global serviced office market. The company currently represents real estate holdings in more than seventy-five countries.


As a brokerage firm specializing in the provision of serviced office space, SOS stays in contact with thousands of property management firms.With so many relationships, Search Office Space is able to negotiate favorable prices on behalf of clients.

According to the company's founder, the purpose of the organization is to provide a single point of contact by which clients can access the entire serviced office market.While properties are available all over the world, Search Office Space specifically promotes holdings in key locations in the United Kingdom like Mayfair and Kensington.Search Office Space maintains a website which allows users to browse various properties. In addition to serviced offices, the company offers virtual offices and shared meeting rooms.

A virtual office is a type of hybrid real estate arrangement that enables businesses to maintain a professional appearance at a reduced cost.While the details of virtual office agreements may vary, they generally include off-site communication services and a mailing address at a prestigious location. Since Search Office Space is an impartial broker, the company does not represent the interests of any specific serviced office management company.

Businesses of all sizes are served; SOS has access to facilities large enough to accommodate 300 employees. Search Office Space also offers shared solutions for individual executives. All of the company's available offices are considered business-ready.


Richard Smith is currently the Managing Director of Search Office Space. Daniel Soffer is the Senior Vice President of SOS North America. Jonathan Weinbrenn serves as the Director of Corporate Services for the company.


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